In chatting with many bands there are similar questions that tend to come up about being on The Rock Metal Podcast.  

Please consult this page to see if your question is answered.

If your question is still unanswered, then please send Jon an email at TheRockMetalPodcast@gmail.com to ask directly.

How do we get on the show?
Easy!  Please send an email to TheRockMetalPodcast@gmail.com including links to your music so that Jon can hear it.  If he feels it's a fit for the show, he will write you back.

How does the interview work? Is it over Skype?
Over Skype; Audio only.

How many band members need to be present?  We've all got different schedules.
One!  Two at the most is allowed on The Rock Metal Podcast.
  1. One point of contact to the band for interviews is simply more professional.
  2. More than two band members becomes distracting in answering questions.
  3. From experience only 1-2 band members say anything, anyway.
  4. The audio quality diminishes with each member added to the room (each member added increases the distance each member is from the mic).
  5. The interview gets scheduled faster and more efficiently with one point of contact.

What’s the format of the show?
  1. Introduce the band
  2. Introduce the first song
  3. Ask questions about the first song
  4. Introduce the second song
  5. Ask questions about the second song
  6. Ask about important news coming up
  7. Ask how fans can contact the band / find the band on the web

When will my episode air?
1-3 months after the recording date.  To be sure, please ask directly.